Thursday, 17 April 2008

Brave New Dirty Words

I was somewhat disturbed to read this in today's Telegraph.

I am aware of people with their finger on the pulse who are of the measured opinion that the day is coming when a new persecution against the Faith will break out in the West, of similar force to Rome in the 60s AD or in Paris during the Terror, and that it will begin in Britain. Indeed, the more I read, the more I suspect this may not be far from the truth.

I am also aware that measures of this sort have already been taken in England viz. legislation prohibiting anyone from condemning homosexuality or the lifestyle that goes along with it, even in non-government schools.

I was not aware, though, that things were quite so far advanced in Australia. Which is perhaps a bit foolish on my part, given the high profile of the gay lobby here, the continuing popularity of the Mardi Gras and Sydney's growing reputation internationally as one of the most happening cities, gay-wise, in the world.

The desire to prohibit even the normal words in the language for heterosexual relationships betrays the true agenda. As Mark Shea characterises it, "Tolerance is not enough! You! Must! Approve!" And one wonders, with ongoing legislation such as this, what is the end motive? What is the ultimate aim? Does the gay lobby have a specific end in mind, towards which all of this is heading, or are they just feeling their way? One gets the worrying impression that, whatever the motivations of individuals, the collective impulse and desire is not just to normalise homosexuality but to de-normalise heterosexuality.

In the meantime, while relationships which are by their nature infertile are steadily normalised, one wonders how much longer it will be before 'mother' and 'father' become dirty words and Aldous Huxley's vision is finally achieved.

UPDATE: It looks like Australia is not as far advanced as it initially seemed, thanks be to God. Apparently, the Education Director-General still has at least a modicum of common sense and has not yet submitted to gay goodthink in its entirety. May like spines endure.

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