Friday, 26 June 2009

Edification in Action

One of the things Evangelicalism does well (or at least the Evangelicalism I came from and with which I am familiar viz. Anglican Diocese of Sydney-style Evangelicalism) is, for want of a better word, pastoral-ness. And I don't mean pastors doing pastoral things- I'm talking about the laypeople. Laypeople looking out for each other and building each other up in the Lord. This is something we Catholics are behind on, or at least that is my experience of it. In this particular culture at this particular time (Australia, early 21st century), we are far more likely to be in our own autonomous little bubble, and to go to Mass like that too. Of course the irony is that the act of Communion in Christ's sacrifice, which Evangelicals don't have, binds us closer together than anything else can, objectively, but most of the time you wouldn't realise it by our actions. It doesn't have to be like this, and hasn't always been, but at the moment it is.

Examples of how it can be otherwise are refreshing, challenging and instructive. Here is one example that my sister-in-law pointed me to. A friend of hers has been doing a blog series on ways in which married Christians can behave respectfully and helpfully towards their single counterparts, entitled "What Not to Say to Your Single Friends". It is insightful and edifying. Take a look.

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