Saturday, 1 August 2009

Wi-Fi Brolly

Imagine for a moment that you are out walking in the country and it begins to rain. Naturally, you unfurl your umbrella. Then, as the rain continues, above the horizon, you notice a magnificent rainbow. It is one of those rare ones that is a full arc, touching the horizon at both ends with its peak high in the sky. Marvelling at this, you are further amazed, as the rain continues, to discern another rainbow, over and above the first. You are witness to a double rainbow- that rare and awesome sight! You wish that you had a camera to capture the beauty of it, but, alas, cameras are awkward to bring on a ramble and even if you had brought one, getting it out in the rain would ruin it. How are you to demonstrate to your friends and family what you have seen? How to express to them the majesty of this singular apparition?

Worry no longer! For the Japanese have come up with a device for just such an occasion. With a built-in camera in your brolly, you can capture that moment forever! Never again will you regret not being able to find quite the right expressive adjective to convey the marvellous sights that invariably present themselves to you on a rainy day!

And suppose (to continue the hypothetical anecdote) that on your ramble the mist suddenly obscured the two rainbows. You sigh to yourself- you wish you could go on looking at them but the moment has passed. Well, the Japanese have thought of that too. Not only can you send the pictures of the rainbow to friends and family via the Internet before you even get back from your walk (because, naturally, this umbrella has an Internet connection as well) but you can also project them onto the underside of your umbrella so you can continue to look at them while walking.

And then (to still further continue the story) suppose the mist became so thick that you couldn't see your way and began to lose your sense of direction. Well, of course, the Japanese, being the resourceful folk they are, have also thought of that eventuality, and have endowed this umbrella with a GPS system AND a digital compass.

Gosh, I'm glad there are people in the world who have taken the time to cater for those individuals who habitually see amazing and photogenic things on rainy days and can't wait to capture and share them with everyone on their Facebook page, and then get lost and can't find their way home. I'm sure this is a rapidly growing market and it's just as well at least one corporation is forward-thinking enough to respond to what is clearly a pressing need amongst consumers!

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