Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What We Call Ourselves (and Each Other)

These two posts form an interesting juxtaposition.

(I'm not, I should add, asserting that one is a reply to the other; simply that they make an interesting pair, being on a similar topic but from quite varied perspectives.)

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Kiran said...

Thanks for the plug, Glenn. Indeed, Jewel is one example of the kind of source beginning from whom Catholics and Anglicans could profitably talk to each other.

I have Conservative High Anglicans of a very specific type in my sights, though in general, I would prefer not to deny one group or another the title "catholic" any more than I would deny one group or another which genuinely does accept the Creed the title "christian". I would merely accept them at their word, and then proceed to debate with them, brother to brother, as to what being "Catholic" entails. Here is an example of the specific kind of people I had in mind.