Saturday, 12 December 2009

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

I must confess substantial ignorance when it comes to the majority of science subjects (they're interesting- I just can't handle all the maths!), so will say up-front that honesty demands I refrain from having an opinion on the veracity of the scientific studies and whatnot behind the climate change movement. However, I must admit, this

does remind me of this

I'm also intrigued by what Mr Pachauri says about the Saudis. I take the point that they have an economic interest in denying the global warming narrative in order to preserve the status quo of the oil industry. That is obvious. I have to wonder though, if, given that the climate change movement has taken on all the aspects of a religion in its own right (the collective fast of Earth Hour, the alienation and dismissal of heretics and the establishing of an orthodoxy which is beyond question, evangelists in people like Al Gore, the threat of imminent apocalypse if we do not repent of our sins and change our ways, and now what amounts to an Ecumenical Council in Copenhagen), if at least one factor in the Saudis' scepticism might not be that they already have a quite robust religion of their own and don't particularly feel the need to subscribe to another, thankyou very much. Are other Muslim countries similarly sceptical? Well, not necessarily. Still, I can't help wondering if the economics is really all there is to it.

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Anonymous said...

Pic's broken :(

And quit being so modest. You're no expert but you show a lot more intrest and knowledge compared to a lot of other people I've seen over my lifetime.

As for global warming, there are a lot of factors that might contribute to skeptism. I'd have to dig through a lot of my old uni notes to list them. It wasn't always due to economical factors, however. Religion, in this case, may or may not have contributed. But I am not one to put the finger on that or the economics alone.