Sunday, 24 January 2010

Aggressive Inarticulate-ness

This is well done. Some elements are perhaps less applicable to Australians than others- the 'ya know's and 'like's are more characteristic of American speech (Australians prefer using other words as filler- 'actually' is a favourite) but the rising tone at the end of sentences which are not questions is very Australian (in fact I think that quirk began here). I recently read an article in a British newspaper bemoaning the fact that it was catching on among British youth, thanks in no small part to the popularity of Australian television shows in Britain.

On an entirely separate note, I've since had a look at some of this fellow's other material (turns out he's a professional poet!- I had thought that animal long extinct) and his manner and delivery remind me strangely of Mark Driscoll.

H/T to Hermeneutic of Continuity via Creative Minority Report vi Fr Z (it's been doing the rounds).

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