Saturday, 20 November 2010

Strains of Beowulf

Given the title of this blog, it would be bizarre and perverse to refrain from providing a link to this very nice reading and step-by-step explanation of the opening lines of Beowulf (found in, of all places, the Telegraph!). So I won't.

The reader's pronunciation is slightly different from the way I was taught, but not by much. A delight to hear the ancient words articulated once more.


Stella Oriens said...

Glenn could you call me sometime tomorrow? I never did end up getting your number so I can't reach you directly.

Your friend formerly of Japan, now of not-quite-Blacktown.

GAB said...

I would except I find myself in the same position.

Stella Oriens said...

Alas! You lost the card? Send an email to (firstnamelastname at gmail dot com) - replacing the general with the particular.