Saturday, 25 December 2010


A relative, reading my last post, challenged me to stop whinging and do something positive to re-emphasise the mystery of the Incarnation. So I wrote this piece- about a week ago, but it seems most appropriate to post it today. I had intended it to have a kind of zooming/panning effect- from outside in the town to inside the creche to the Child in the manger and then to Him in His Mother's arms, but I fear some of the metaphors may have inhibited the effect. On their own, I think the stanzas work, but I'm not sure if the thing works as a whole also. Anyway, feedback is welcome. Merry Christmas to all!

A west wind blows, bleak chill forlorn,
Like icy oceans' rising tides,
And past is the time for wheat and corn
But the House of Bread abides;
And in its midst, amid the rush
Of census-driv'n humanity,
Unseen, unnoticed, is a hush
In the place of God's humility.

All men may seek the comfortable
And shy away from any pain;
The mighty and the miserable
Alike reach for perceiv├Ęd gain,
But inches above a dirty floor
Where few but animals have trod,
The thin and prickly ends of straw
Scratch the new-born skin of God.

Strong wine is drunk in palaces.
Though bureaucrats prefer it thin,
Kings laugh and talk, as callous as
A killer on the cusp of sin.
But Jews enjoy their Sabbath rest,
Recalling their commandments ten,
And at a Jewish woman's breast
Tonight God drinks the milk of men.

Most mothers, having given birth,
Have idolised their newborn child
And, overcome with joy and mirth,
To former pain were reconciled;
But She whose pain is yet to be
Is silent, and with feet unshod
Contemplates this mystery:
The human face of God.


Matthias said...

The Crossbeats were an early Christian rock group from the UK (1969-1970) with a Mersey sound. They had a song entilted PAIN
"Tell me what was on her face as she labored to the dawn
tell me what was on her face as she saw her son being born
Tears tears of Pain
were the tears that she gained as she bore her Son and Jesus was His Name
Tell me what was on His Face as He saw the sick and Lame
Tell me what was on His Face as He saw the sin and shame
Tears,Tears of Pain were the tears of His Pain ,as he saw His people sick dying disdain"
They were the first two verses ,not bad after 40 years to remember them

Matthias said...

Actually I have just discovered the web site for this group and am actually listening to thie above song as I write this.the link is :
sounds a bit dated ?corny but if you liked the Liverpool sound you never know

GAB said...

Not bad. Like early Beatles with Christian lyrics.Thanks, Matthias.