Tuesday, 18 January 2011

"I Have a Work to Do in England."

Much of the time, the Holy Spirit is subtle, even too subtle to notice. Occasionally, amazing and unprecedented things happen, but even when there are deafening fanfares, they tend to take place on hills for the benefit of shepherds rather than from the balconies of ivory towers or in city squares. But if one is paying attention, and happens to be in the right place at the right point in history, one can be given a glimpse of the Hand of God at work.

On that note, exciting things are afoot in England. The Ordinariate is up and running, and from this mustard seed, I hope and pray along with many others, great things will come. This Sunday just past, one of the newly ordained former Anglican bishops, Fr Andrew Burnham, presided over Mass for the first time at the Oxford Oratory. Fr Aidan Nichols preached, and his sermon expresses beautifully and profoundly the importance and significance of the Ordinariate. It may yet be that England will not ultimately be lost to the Faith. If it is not, the Ordinariate will have its part to play in that, in the revivifying of English Christianity (by which I mean both Christianity in England and a uniquely English form of Christianity) and the redemption of what is left of English culture. Big dreams, small mustard seed. But that is how God likes to work. And if He doesn't do exactly that, He will do something better.

'I have a work to do in England.' Quite so.


Matthias said...

Yes that unique form of english Christianity,that despite, Henry's II & VIII,mARY I and Lizzie I ,has given us some great hymns,anglo-Catholicism,the English Bible as first translated by the Venerable Bede,wycliffe , Sir Thomas More,william Tyndale and the Shrine of Walsingham
Wycliffe was about reforming the church from within and not being another Luther,and although he is held up as the Morning star of the Reformation i think he would be appalled at the 30000 denominations that have resulted from the Reformation. Let's remember that had Wycliffe wanted to go the way of the Waldensians,i am sure that the Duke of Lancaster -John of Gaunt-would have stopped being his protector.
I think that English Catholicism will save Christian England

" Once more into the breach dear friends" until HE Returns

Stella Oriens said...

Wouldn't an appropriate heraldic mark for the ordinariate be a phoenix?