Saturday, 21 July 2007

St George poem- First Installment Part 3

For England's faith has long been lost.
Here saints no longer sup;
The Grail gone from Glastonbury,
Replaced by a plastic cup.

While sin's protected by the law
And a druid runs a church,
The few who search for answers
Are urged to neglect the search.

And darkness hovers over them
That once were full of hope,
Who now forget their emptiness
By watching daytime soap.

The time has gone- we watched it go-
When women and men were real,
When earth was earth and trees were trees,
Life satisfied like a meal,
And before one's God and monarch
It was dignified to kneel.

For now men live in weary times
That plod along like death,
And existence is a heavy weight,
And all the wells of the world can't sate
The thirst of the sons of Seth.

In Faustus' footsteps England walks,
Down devilish depths to plumb;
Wisdom exchanged for information,
Joy exchanged for fun.

And few there are who now recall
The yesteryears and days of yore
When sins were sweet and penance hurt
And no denial could avert
The beauty virtue bore.

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