Friday, 24 April 2009

Blogging Bro

I don't actually know how many, if any, actually read this blog. Its generally better for me spiritually not to check hits (if there were few I would be tempted to get depressed; if many, I would be tempted towards vanity- so better just to remain ignorant).

Those who do, however, may or may not be interested to learn that my spiritually zealous and recently married brother has entered the blogosphere. Seeing as there are now two Bolas's blogging, I hereby dub our collective contributions to the online community "The Bologosphere"! Let those who tremble at bad puns quake all the more and hide their faces in fear (or maybe embarrassment)!

It is early days for his blog yet (and he is at a certain disadvantage, being on Wordpress and all) but I am keen to read what he has to say as time goes on. Maybe some of you might be too. Those who are can find him here.


Kiran said...

Not the Holus Boluso-sphere?

GAB said...

Lol. Emphatically not.