Thursday, 23 April 2009

Feast of St George

Happy Feast of St George!

Today is a particularly good day to pray for England. There is much darkness that hangs over her. There are also spots of light. I am certainly hoping the new Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols will prove to be one of these. You can also find others in places like this and this.

St George, though you never set foot there, England in days past called you her patron and asked for your prayers. In this day when so many in that land have forgotten the Saviour for whom you gave your life, pray for them. Pray also for courage for those in leadership in the Church, and for those called to bear witness in the public square, that they may be rewarded with fortitude by the Holy Spirit as you were at the hour of your martyrdom. Pray that a soldier's spirit may be in those called to defend the truth against much opposition, an attitude that forgets itself and does not count the cost. Unite your voice with ours to intercede for England and her people, for whom Christ died, to the Father through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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