Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Warning to the Nameless Businessman Whom I Saw Buying a Cream Bun at the Local Chinese Bakery

Another bit of random doggerel.

The difficulty of the cream bun lies
In how one may ingest this gustat'ry
Delight while under harsh and public eyes
Maintaining still some air of dignity.
Among the civilised, hygiene demands
Are never waived (and seldom ever moot);
You'll get the cream and sugar on your hands-
For heaven's sake, don't eat it in a suit!-
And on your face, on lips and cheeks and chin,
Your visage painted white, flecks on your clothes;
In modern life, there is no greater sin
Than meeting clients with cream on your nose.
From what sadistic, nameless bakery
Did this concoction first emerge? Each fool
Who eats will suffer such indignity....
And yet the thing's so irresistible.
Sir, mark my words, this bun you'll come to rue-
I think that maybe I might buy one too.


Matthias said...

cream buns were much fun in schoolyard sun.
Cream everyhwere-cept in the hair
jAM on face- really ace.

But now that i am over fifty
there's another that's just as nifty
Certain to push out even more
the tyre in my middle store

Vanilla Slice,really nice
On you fingers and the plate
WIFE may scorn,yell and berate
I tell ya -sheer heaven mate

GAB said...

lol. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I quite enjoyed this poem, and reading it again makes me, once again, want to buy one for myself.

It's a good thing I never look at your blog near bakeries.

Anthony OPL