Friday, 6 March 2009

My Political Views

Following the example of Kiran, I took this political quiz. And it turns out I am a left moderate social authoritarian. Interesting. I guess I can live with that. Below (and above) are the results.

My Political Views
I am a left moderate social authoritarian
Left: 3.9, Authoritarian: 3.23

I'm not at all unpleased about where I've ended up. Being a fan of subsidiarity (although by no means a stickler) I think non-interventionist suits nicely, particularly with regard to foreign policy. I've always disliked colonialism and have never been a fan of Great Britain either, much preferring that England, Scotland and Wales should be separate and autonomous nations. Unlikely to happen anytime soon, but a worthy ideal. England is diminished by subjugating its neighbours.
Moreover, there have been few more destructive or stupid ideas in recent history than America's idiotic faith in democracy as a political panacea. One would have thought the democratically elected fascist governments of the 30's would have cured it of that ridiculous ideology, but it looks like it goes deeper than either experience or common sense.
But I digress.
It is, it must be said, gratifying and liberating to be a Catholic. For many reasons of course, not least being the reception of salvation through Jesus Christ, but a more minor perk is this- one becomes more difficult to pin down politically, and one is free to accept or reject any number of ideas rather than follow any one party or political stripe wholesale.
There is a certain childlike pleasure in confounding expectations.


Kiran said...

Haha. I am more authoritarian than you! What are your scores?

And if you are going to read my blog, why not go the whole hog and comment...

GAB said...

Why comment when I can post a far more adequate response on my own blog?