Sunday, 8 March 2009


Following a conversation I had yesterday at my brother's wedding, I would like to point any readers I may or may not have to this small bit of coolness.

Anthony is a fellow who goes to the Anglican church two of my brothers attend and who I've gotten to know a little through that connection. He is an artist by nature and, late last year, hit upon the interesting idea of drawing a comic of what was happening in his life every hour over the course of days and months. I think originally it was meant to be for a limited period of time (a month or six weeks or something) but he has kept it up ever since. Hence the site name "Gr'og"- 'graphic log', not to be confused with any kind of alcoholic beverage composed of axle grease, propylene glycol, sulfuric acid and artificial sweeteners.

Its a thing at once quirky and cool (both characteristics that appeal to me) and occasionally even entertaining. So give this wind and kite a butcher's!

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